Which Glocks are the Best for Concealed Carry? [2022]

The 7 Best Glocks For Concealed Carry
You might be a little more aware of the service pistols, but Glock concealed carry pistols are arguably the core of their offerings, as they make an ample supply. You might even look at their website and have your head start to spin; which one should I choose?
Well, an obvious truth is that there’s no best handgun. There will be a best one for you and no one can know which gun that will be but you. You’ll have to find that out for yourself.
With that said, here are 7 Glock concealed carry pistols that should make anyone’s short list. If you’re looking for a smaller G unit for concealed carry, or you’re looking to finally join the ranks of plastic fantastic fanboys to find out what the fuss is about, these are some solid candidates.
Glock 26

First on the list is kind of a no-brainer: the Glock 26. It was arguably the first of the Glock concealed carry pistols, as the “Baby Glock” – as it was billed when first released – was devised for the concealed carry market from its inception. First released in 1994, it’s been a wildly popular pistol for concealed carry with civilians and as a backup gun for police officers ever since.
Barrel length is 3.42 inches, overall length is 6.49 inches and unloaded weight is 21.71 ounces, so it’s light and compact. Carrying capacity is 12+1 of 9mm, and it is rated to fire +P ammunition, so those that insist on overpressure rounds can carry it.
Shooters with larger hands may not be able to get all four fingers on the grip, but there are aftermarket pinky extensions available. You can also insert a Glock 19 magazine with a grip sleeve, as the 26 accepts Glock 19 magazines – Glock 17 magazines too.


Glock 19

Though the Glock 19 was really intended more as a carry gun for plainclothes officers and police officers with smaller hands, the pistol has become arguably THE default CCW gun of the modern era. In fact, we sell more Glock 19 holsters than those for almost any other make and model pistol; such is the popularity of this gun.
The G 19 has a 4-inch barrel, standing 7.36 inches long, 4.99 inches tall, 1.26 inches wide and weighs 23.65 ounces unloaded. It carries 15+1 of 9x19mm, so capacity is generous. It’s compact and light enough to carry every day, but also big enough and with sufficient capacity for use as a duty gun – which is why so many people have called it a “Goldilocks gun.” For many, many people, it certainly is. The Glock 19 is accurate, reliable, and will take everything you can throw at it or more.
Some people find it a bit too big to conceal and carry every day, but if you were only going to get one handgun you’d be hardpressed to do better.


Glock 27

Take everything that’s great about the Glock 26 but make it in .40 S&W. That gets you the Glock 27. Out of the concealed carry Glock pistols, the 9mm and .40 caliber models are most popular…though there are other chamberings available should they be desired.
Some of us might remember that the reason why .40 exists is that the FBI wanted a bigger bullet to fit in a smaller gun, which Smith and Wesson created by taking the 10mm Auto round and trimming the case down. Once they’d figured out a loading for the smaller case, it was found that magazines for this new round would fit 9mm frames. As a result, any 9mm pistol can be chambered for .40, and it has stayed a popular carry round every since.
For those that want a small gun with a bit more horsepower, the Glock 27 is the ticket. However, some shooters find subcompact .40 S&W pistols can have a big more “snap” than they like, so make sure you try before you buy.


Glock 23

That also brings us to the Glock 23, which is the Glock 19 in .40 S&W. You get all the same specs as the 19 and all the attendant benefits. It’s big enough to be a service gun, it’s light and compact enough to carry every day. Of the Glock concealed carry pistols that aren’t in 9x19mm, the 27 and the 23 are the most popular and for good reason, as the compact size doesn’t bring with it more recoil than most shooters can handle.
If you wanted a smaller .40, but not THAT much smaller, you aren’t going to do much better than the 23.


Glock 42

The Glock 42 is the smallest gun they make. It’s a slim, single-stack subcompact chambered in .380 Auto. Due to import regulations on firearms, it’s the only .380 Glock that can be sold to civilians since Glock manufactures them in Smyrna, Ga.
The 42 has a 3.25-inch barrel, standing 5.94 inches long, 4.13 inches tall and 0.94 inches wide and weighing 13.76 ounces. Light and very compact, so very easy to carry. Carrying capacity is 6+1 rounds of .380, though there are aftermarket extensions available should an extra round or two or a bit more grip space be desired.
Granted, everything about mouse guns comes into play. It’s small, so it won’t shoot as nicely as, say, a 19 or Glock 17. You might not get the best grip on it. You won’t be making 50 yard shots with it in all likelihood. But you’ll be able to depend on this one because Glock doesn’t just make a mouse gun to make a mouse gun.


Glock 43

Take the 42, make it a little bit bigger and chamber it in 9x19mm and you get the Glock 43. A slim, single-stack subcompact 9mm, which makes it perfect for concealed carry. Though it is relatively new, it’s become a best-seller in fairly quick succession.
Like other instances where a mouse gun in .380 has been sized up for 9x19mm, the 43 is a tad bigger than the 42. Barrel length increases to 3.39 inches, overall length to 6.26 inches, height to 4.25 inches and width to 1.02 inches. Weight also goes up to 17.95 ounces. Capacity remains the same at 6+1, though it is rated for use of +P.
Whether you’d actually want to use +P in a tiny 9mm…that’s up to you.
The 43 has been praised for shooting better and more accurately than its tiny size would suggest, and out of the concealed carry Glocks is easily one of the easiest to tote on the daily. If you prefer your carry gun to be as small as possible, this may be the best option.


Glock 30

Even Glock makes a big-bore or two, and one of their most popular carry guns is the Glock 30 in .45 caliber. If you want compact firepower, this is the Glock to get.
Dimensionally, it fits somewhere between the 26 and the 19, with a 3.77-inch barrel, standing 4.8 inches tall and 6.96 inches long, but beefs up for the bigger round at 1.27 inches wide, though it doesn’t bulk up too much as the 30 weighs in at 26.48 ounces. Carrying capacity is 10+1 of .45 ACP, though an extended magazine (from the Glock 21) can be deployed to bring capacity up to 13+1.
The Glock 30 has a few different trim levels, such as the Gen 4, SF and S models. The SF and S models are a little more streamlined and the Gen 4 has a few improvements like a shorter trigger reach. You’ll have to find the trim line you like, but any of them is a compact .45 that will deliver when you need it to. If you like the idea of an Officer frame but don’t like the idea of carrying a single-action gun, the Glock 30 has a lot to offer.


Concealed Carry Glocks Side By Side

Glock 26
Glock 19
Glock 27
Glock 23
Glock 42
Glock 43
Glock 30

.40 S&W
.40 S&W
.380 ACP
.45 ACP

Barrel length
3.42 inches
4.01 inches
3.42 inches
4.01 inches
3.25 inches
3.39 inches
3.77 inches

Dimensions (LxHxW in inches)


Unloaded Weight


Glock, as noted a number of times around this website, doesn’t really publish their MSRP. That’s annoying for the purposes of making a comparison, but is also fair since you played yourself if you actually pay MSRP. Nobody charges MSRP in-store, so there’s almost no point in mentioning it. What you’re likely to pay, of course, will vary wildly. However, expect to pay somewhere between $450 and $550 for the base model gun.

Other Concealed Carry Glocks

These are the 7 best concealed carry Glocks for most people, since a compact or subcompact 9mm or .40, a pocket .380 or a compact .45 are generally what most people carry. However, that’s not what everyone carries…as some people aren’t always going to be satisfied with the typical options.
What are some other Glock concealed carry pistols worth looking at?

Well, some people carry a Glock 17 or Glock 22 everyday believe it or not. Those are the full-size pistol in 9x19mm and .40 S&W. They’re big, for sure…but slim for their size and capacity, which some people have no issue carrying on the daily.
The Glock 36 is also a solid carry gun in .45, though it’s a single-stack rather than a double-stack, carrying 6+1 of .45 ACP. Then you have the 10mm Glock pistols. Only one compact is made in this chambering, the Glock 29, which is the same frame size as the 30.

You also have the .45 GAP Glock pistols, with the Glock 38 and 39 being the same size as the Glock 19 and Glock 26, respectively, but they carry the .45 GAP round which gives roughly equivalent ballistic performance to the .45 ACP.
Fans of .357 Sig can rejoice, as Glock makes more guns for this round than Sig does and Sig invented it. The Glock 32 and 33 are likewise the same size as the 19 and 26.
Glock has also unleashed the Glock 43X and Glock 48. The 43X is essentially an extended-capacity 43, with a 10+1 magazine instead of the 6+1 standard capacity. The Glock 48 is the same frame, but with the 4-inch barrel of the Glock 19. The 43X gives you a bit more real estate on the grip, which makes it a bit more comfortable, a bit more controllable, and as such make fantastic concealed carry guns.
Granted, this is all well and good to talk about. The question, though, is which concealed carry Glock is best for you, and that can’t be settled by reading about it. You need to get yourself to a range that rents them for that. Hold a few. Shoot a few. You’ll find the models that feel best to you and shoot the best for you. The one that feels the best, shoots the best, and that you can conceal without too much trouble, is the one you’ll want to acquire.
Best Glocks: Across Calibers & Sizes, Quick Reference:
The Glock is a brand of firearm that is known for its reliability and durability. There are a number of Glock models that are available on the market, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. While there are a variety of opinions on which Glock is the best Glock, there are some models that are more popular than others.
1. Glock 19
The Glock 19 is one of the most popular models of Glock that is available on the market. It is a compact pistol that is chambered in 9mm and is designed for concealed carry. It is also popular for law enforcement and for use as a backup weapon.
2. Glock 17
The Glock 17 is a full-size pistol that is chambered in 9mm. It is the original Glock model that was released in 1982 and is still one of the most popular models available. It is durable and reliable, and it is often used as a sidearm for law enforcement officers.
3. Glock 43
The Glock 43 is a single stack 9mm pistol that is designed for concealed carry. It is slim and lightweight, and it is a popular choice for those who are looking for a concealable pistol.
4. Glock 21
The Glock 21 is a full-size pistol that is chambered in .45 ACP. It is durable and reliable, and it is often used as a sidearm for law enforcement officers.
5. Glock 30
The Glock 30 is a compact pistol that is chambered in .45 ACP. It is designed for concealed carry, and it is a popular choice for those who are looking for a concealable pistol that is chambered in a powerful cartridge.
6. Glock 42
The Glock 42 is a single stack .380 ACP pistol that is designed for concealed carry. It is slim and lightweight, and it is a popular choice for those who are looking for a concealable pistol that is chambered in a powerful cartridge.
7. Glock 34
The Glock 34 is a competition pistol that is chambered in 9mm. It is designed for use in shooting competitions, and it is popular among competitive shooters.
8. Glock 36
The Glock 36 is a compact pistol that is chambered in .45 ACP. It is designed for concealed carry, and it is a popular choice for those who are looking for a concealable pistol that is chambered in a powerful cartridge.
9. Glock 20
The Glock 20 is a full-size pistol that is chambered in .10mm. It is durable and reliable, and it is often used as a sidearm for law enforcement officers.
10. Glock 30S
The Glock 30S is a compact pistol that is chambered in .45 ACP. It is designed for concealed carry, and it is a popular choice for those who are looking for a concealable pistol that is chambered in a powerful cartridge.
While there are a number of different Glocks that are available on the market, the models that are listed above are some of the most popular choices among shooters. Each of these Glocks is reliable and durable, and they are all chambered in cartridges that offer plenty of power.
Looking for information on a handgun you may be considering for concealed or open carry? Check out some of these handgun comparison guides to help you choose the gun you may be looking for.
We’ve also got printable handgun shooting targets available for your range days!

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