The Government of Ukraine Seeks Aid from the U.S. Firearm Industry

As the war rages in Ukraine, many in the United States seek ways to help aid them in their struggle. For this reason, the NSSF recently spoke with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington D.C. to better understand what material needs exist. Accordingly, Ukraine needs aid from the firearm industry in the United States to better arm its people in defense of their country.


UPDATE: 10,000 Automatic Rifles Distributed to Ukraine Civilians

The Government of Ukraine is Requesting Aid from the Firearm Industry in the United States

As we recently reported, the government of Ukraine has been handing out firearms to citizens willing to defend the country. However, that can take a serious toll on munition supplies. Not to mention the number of foreign fighters coming to the aid of Ukraine.

According to a Washington Post report, “Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a news conference on Sunday that the number of foreigners who have signed up to fight for Ukraine in its war against Russia is “approaching 20,000,” and that the volunteers are from 52 countries.”

Likewise, a report on the New York Post states, “Ukraine’s Defense Ministry also put out a call for foreign volunteers on Facebook, asking for applicants with combat experience who have ‘citizenship other than Ukrainian, but … are standing with Ukraine against [the] Russian invasion.’”

Consequently, supporting this kind of effort requires a lot of munitions. As a result, the Ukrainian Embassy is requesting donations of the following rifles, pistols, and ammunition:

7.62х39 mm
7.62×51 mm
.308 WIN
5.45х39 mm
5.56х45 mm
Sniper rifles chambered in .308 WIN or 7.62х51 mm and ammunition (including bipod and scope)If donating a non-.308 “sniper type” rifle, e.g., .338 Lapua or similar, Ukraine requests that manufacturers provide ammunition with the rifle.

Pistols and ammunition chambered in 9х19 mm
Extra magazines
Spare parts

Filing for the License Application

According to the NSSF, the process for filing the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), -U.S. Department of Commerce export license applications is:

Ultimate consignee/end user Ministry of Defense, Kyiv. Ukraine,The end use is: “for use by Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine.” Since the ultimate consignee/end user is the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, no import certificate is required from Ukraine before shipping.

Contact Information

Additionally, if you have questions or would like more information as to what to put on the license application or where to send supplies, please contact:

Steven ClagettDirector, Nuclear Missile and Firearms TechnologyBureau of Industry and Security (BIS)Department of Commercesteven.clagett@bis.doc.govW: (202) 482-1641


Jeff BondEngineer, Missile and Nuclear Technology Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)Department of CommerceJeff.Bond@bis.doc.govW: (202) 482-0716

The NSSF has stated that they will alert the industry of changes to Ukraine’s small arms and ammunition requirements moving forward.

Also, from the NSSF post, “The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C., wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the NSSF and industry for offering to assist Ukraine as it fights for its freedom.”
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