Public Transportation Turns Deadly for Honest New Yorkers

NY Subway Shooting Another Massive Gun Control Failure
Public Transportation Turns Deadly for Honest New Yorkers

U.S.A. –-( We’ve seen a flood of violent crime in New York state and a tidal wave of crime in New York City’s gun-free zones. The New York Police Department released data showing felony assaults are up 33% this year. Felony assaults are up more than 50% from a month ago. Stabbings and slashings on public buses, subways, and trains are up 70% compared to last year. Assaults with a club or blunt instrument are up 48%. These attacks are happening where the politicians told us we’d be protected and safe. Instead of protecting us, New York politicians want to ensure we are disarmed and vulnerable.

You might remember that the subject of “sensitive places,” locations where personal firearms might be banned, was mentioned 30 times in the New York State Rifle and Pistol Case that is now in front of the US Supreme Court. That case asks if ordinary people retain the right to carry ordinary weapons in ordinary places for self-defense. Representatives for the New York Attorney General replied that many public spaces in New York were special rather than ordinary. So far the state is doing a horrible job of defending ordinary citizens in its existing gun-free zones.

We were promised that we didn’t need to go armed in New York because the police would provide enough officers to stop crime on the streets. We didn’t need to go armed when we used public transportation because the transportation police would stop crime and make those places safe for us. The politicians broke their promises.

The surge in crime is not inevitable. When crime surged in New York City, we’ve seen other cities reduce the rate of violent crime. Dallas, Nashville, and Jacksonville come to mind.

In New York, the “gun-free” zones where honest citizens were disarmed became more dangerous, not less dangerous. In reply to this surge in crime, New York legislators proposed to make almost every public place and private business a “gun-free” zone.

That decision speaks volumes.

Money talks in politics. New York politicians are more concerned with their anti-gun campaign donors than our safety. Democrat politicians rake in the campaign checks while ordinary citizens pay in blood.

The police don’t protect us. New York judges have consistently sided with the politicians to keep us disarmed and defenseless. The future holds more of the same as working people looking for better jobs and safer places to live. No wonder so many people are leaving New York.

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