Most Protective Dog Breeds

Protecting your home doesn’t just mean owning a firearm and utilizing various security products. It also means having a fierce, loyal dog that’ll keep you, your family and your valuables safe. In Survivor’s Edge Magazine, Michael D’Angona highlights 7 protective dog breeds up to the task. All of these breeds boast different traits, but when it comes to personal and home protection, they all have protective instincts.

Most Protective Dog Breeds for Home Security/Defense

The first dog breed D’Angona mentions is the German Shepherd. “This dog breed is fearless in nature, extremely intelligent and easily trainable, which makes it a top choice,” D’Angona writes.

“It’s this animal’s universal recognition that causes thieves and intruders to ignore houses with this noticeable breed and attempt a house further down the street. When this breed is not ‘patrolling’ its territory, it loves to spend time with the family, always exuding a calm and friendly demeanor.”

Based on sheer size alone, you can’t go wrong with the Great Dane. “Looking to intimidate a would-be attacker? Look no further than the Great Dane,” according to D’Angona. “One look at the massive overall size of the Great Dane and an intruder would think twice before entering that house. Yet, truth be told, this loving animal is a friendly, easy-going breed.”

The Doberman Pinscher is another breed which will scare off or take down an intruder. “Few things are more frightening than a Doberman Pinscher running at you at full force, growling with its full set of sharp teeth exposed,” says D’Angona.

“Extremely fast and highly intelligent, the Doberman is pure muscle and ferocity. Any home with a large backyard or lots of land for this breed to run is ideal to stop a thief before he even has a chance to pick a door lock or shatter a window in your home.”

Dog Breeds to Guard the Home

Although all these protection dog breeds differ in strength, speed, ferocity and sheer power, the one trait that remains constant with all of them is their loyalty. A dog’s presence can help protect your valuables when you are away and keep you safe.

But of the guard dog breeds, which one is right for your family and also makes a good family pet? The answer lies in knowing what each of these most popular breeds bring to the table. Check out our list below to learn about the 7 best protective dog breeds for personal and home protection.

German Shepherd

Protective Dog Breeds: German Shepherd.
(Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

A fearless nature, high intelligence and above average trainability are hallmarks that make the German Shepherd a top choice. A highly recognizable breed, German Shepherds will make most would be intruders pick a different house. When they are not “patrolling” their territory they love to spend time with the family, always exuding a calm demeanor. There is a reason German Shepherds make great police dogs.

Great Dane

Great Dane.
(Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

When it comes to an intimidating posture look no further than the Great Dane. Any intruder would think twice after one look at its massive overall size. Yet, truth be told, this loving animal is a friendly, easy-going member of the guardian breeds.

Doberman Pinscher

Protective Dog Breeds: Doberman Pinscher.
(Photo by Snej Teeps: WikiMedia Commons)

Few things are more frightening than a growling Doberman Pinscher racing towards you, full set of sharp teeth exposed. Extremely fast and highly intelligent, the Doberman is pure muscle and ferocity. A home with lots of property for a Doberman to run is ideal to prevent home invasions before they begin. Many companies utilize Dobermans for security because they are great guard dogs.


(Photo by mar_qs: WikiMedia Commons)

The Rottweiler doesn’t take to strangers well. Their combined power, strength and ferocity make them ideal family protectors. Not to mention the fact that most grown Rottweilers reach up to, and over, 100 pounds. Any intruder that comes up against that much muscle with teeth will rethink their path in life. However, in the home they are very loving, family dogs, which is a trait that makes them great bodyguard dogs.


(Photo by Anita Ritenour: WikiMedia Commons)

Always on the alert, the Puli has an innate suspicious nature. Alerted by even the slightest sound or disturbance they will bark if anything out of the ordinary is detected. They require constant companionship and love to share outdoor activities with their owners. They are like having a hyper-sensitive alarm with teeth, yet great with the family.


Protective Dog Breeds: Puli.
(Photo by Szora: WikiMedia Commons)

Although not as powerful/strong as other breeds, the Kuvasz displays an unyielding determination to protect their household. A traditional Hungarian breed, the Kuvasz is natural to guarding. For this reason, they typically find themselves protecting livestock from predators. So, protection is in their nature.

Staffordshire Terrier

Protective Dog Breeds: Staffordshire Terrier.
(Photo by Carroy47: WikiMedia Commons)

Although the Staffordshire Terrier requires proper and intense training from a very early age, the rewards are worth it. Very territorial, they make protecting fellow “family members” a top priority, making them excellent guard dogs.

Sometimes a home just doesn’t feel quite like a home without a dog. Dogs are some of the most loving and trusting animals on Earth. However, when you pick a dog breed that are also natural protectors, you get the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get a member of the family that will love you unconditionally. While on the other hand, you get the peace of mind that comes from absolute security.

I’ve heard it said, “I don’t trust a person that doesn’t like dogs, but I always trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.” Indeed.

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