NBC News Airs Hit Piece On JSD Supply & Jordan Vinroe

NBC News Airs Hit Piece On JSD Supply And Jordan Vinroe
OAKS, P.A. -(Ammoland.com)- NBC News released a hit piece on JSD Supply and its owner, Jordan Vinroe. Last month the news organization traveled to Pennsylvania and launched an “investigation” into unfinished frames and receivers. To call the NBC piece a news report is like calling this article a news piece. It was an opinion piece from someone who is anti-gun and parroted Bloomberg front groups talking points.
For full disclosure, I am friends with Jordan Vinroe, and the people are JSD Supply. I met the group when I was doing a story on when the company was banned from Pennsylvania gun shows, and State Attorney General Josh Shapiro started targeting the company. Jordan was humble and honest when answering my questions.
Eagle Arms due to pressure from AG Shapiro, Amen Brown, and Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC), President Kim Stofer banned JSD Supply from PA gun shows. I interviewed all sides, and Jordan Vinroe answered everything honestly and directly. There was no double-speak or false claims.
Vinroe decided to fight back by buying Eagle Shows. In December, people could once again buy JSD Supply’s MUP1 (80% Sig P320) and Polymer80s. Not only could you once again buy what NBC called “ghost guns,” but Eagle Shows also offered a class to teach the new owner how to finish the frame. Eagle Shows/JSD Supply also started donating massive money to Gun Owners of America (GOA).
The NBC News report started with scary footage of stories of criminals using homemade firearms. It gave stats supplied by the anti-gun group, Giffords. NBC used a picture of a P80 lying in the streets. That P80 did not have the holes drilled out and did not have a trigger. The photo was staged. The worst thing you could do with that frame is throw it at someone, but it is plastic, so it probably wouldn’t hurt. Right away, I knew the report would not be fair. The reporter doesn’t touch on all the other ways criminals use violence against their victims. Most guns used in crimes are stolen and not homemade.

The piece shows the reporter buying a Polymer80 from the JSD Supply booth with a hidden camera. Eagle Shows does not allow filming inside its show. This filming goes to show that signs do not stop anything. Giffords, which supplies all the information for the report, fully supports gun-free zones, which are just signs. This report shows how weak their position is when it comes to stopping violence.
The reporter asked how to buy a kit and faked being shocked that you don’t need a background check. JSD Supply and Jordan, both believe it is a fundamental right of every American to own a firearm. He believes that every gun law is an unconstitutional restriction, and the government doesn’t have the right to know what guns someone owns.
NBC News goes on interview Jordan in an ambush-style. Jordan was walking in front of the show when the reporter ran up to him with a cameraman and a producer. Jordan answered the network’s questions honestly while sticking to his guns that he just sold parts and not fully functioning firearms. NBC took the 13-minute interview and selectively edited it (See Comparison below). NBC News uses the same techniques that they have accused Project Veritas of using. Below his name, they added “Ghost Gun Supplier,” which is a scary made-up term by anti-gun groups and politicians.

The story then cuts to the notoriously anti-gun AG Josh Shapiro. Shapiro is running for Governor and has a grudge against JSD Supply for raining on his parade when the Jordan purchased Eagle Shows. JSD Supply has also given money to gun groups that have defeated Philadelphia’s anti-gun laws in court.
Shapiro talks about how no one knows how many homemade guns are on the streets. He also doesn’t know how many stolen guns are on the streets. That is never brought up, but that number is probably many magnitudes higher than so-called “Ghost-guns.” He also probably doesn’t know how many legally owned firearms are in PA, and that is the way it should be in America.
The report talks about inaction in Congress surrounding unfinished frames, and now the Biden administration has tasked the ATF to come up with new rules. These new rules will abuse Chevron deference, and every gun-rights group is gearing up to challenge the changes. JSD Supply will be on the tip of the spear in that battle, which is why I believe NBC News did the hit piece in the first place.
NBC News then commits a felony by having someone else complete the P80 kit for them. You cannot have anyone complete an 80% firearm for you. If you do, you are committing a felony.
Personally, I don’t believe it should be a crime, but I can almost guarantee you the reporter thinks it should be a felony. Let see if these reportes get arrested or prosecuted.

NBC included a conversation about NBC News contacting YouTube to get videos about 80% firearms removed from the platform. The reporters were also giddy that they got the video-sharing site to pull some of the videos. This action is NBC inserting itself into the story. That is fine, but do not call it a news story. It was a hit piece, and I am willing to bet Giffords pushed it.
Special interest groups push stories that they want out in the public. They will supply the stats and all the research. It happens on both sides. What should happen is every stat should be fact-checked. The reporter should look at the other side of the story as well. That isn’t what NBC did, though.
JSD Supply’s Instagram page was shut down shortly after the story ran. I reached out to my contacts at Meta (formerly Facebook), which owns the picture-sharing platform, to find out what happened. Before I got into reporting and eventually getting banned for life from Facebook for looking into the company’s connections to a French government-funded news agency that was fact things incorrectly, I worked there for a few years and quit over the company’s anti-gun policies.
NBC News has declared war on JSD Supply and Jordan Vinroe personally at the behest of anti-gun groups and politicians. But they are not backing down. We shouldn’t either. Alex Hamilton (not the US President) once said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

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