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USA – -( Left-wing radical and anti-gun activist Mondaire Jones recently laid into America in an emotionally driven, politically inspired rant about guns.

Jones, a U.S. Representative for New York’s 17th Congressional district used many of the typical anti-gun talking points and much of the overused, misguided rhetoric in a desperate attempt to politicize the death of innocent children, walk on their graves and confuse Americans as to what the actual causes of human violence are in America. When a false sense of moral superiority meets political frustration, the left-wing seems to completely lose sight of reality and as a result good people are put in danger.

Mondaire’s misleading rant made it clear that his attack on gun owners and his exploitation of children was to advance a political agenda. Now more than ever, push back and exposure of the Democrats’ deceitful behavior is necessary.

Jones said, “Enough is enough. Enough of you telling us that school shootings are a fact of life.”

Mondaire, enough is enough. Enough of you Democrats putting our children and teachers in danger by refusing to put armed security in our schools after Joe Biden disarmed them and made them vulnerable with his 1990 Gun-Free School Zones Act. Enough of us watching innocent children and teachers getting killed while you fight do everything you can to keep the schools soft targets.

Jones said, “Enough of you blaming mental illness and then defunding mental health care in this Country. Enough of your thoughts and prayers. Enough.”

Enough of you ignoring mental illness, fatherless homes and welfare dependency. Enough of you letting violent criminals out of jail only to see them harm good people. Enough of you removing God from our schools while confusing our children about their own gender and pushing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary hormone therapy on kids during their most vulnerable years. And as much as you hate thoughts and prayers, we will continue to pray for the good people you put in danger while we fight to protect them from your dangerous policies.

Jones said, “You will not stop us from advancing the Protecting our Kids Act today.”

You will not stop us from protecting our kids in school with armed security. You will not stop us from pushing for legislation that will prevent you from making our children vulnerable in their own schools and defunding our police departments. We will implement protective arms in our schools to keep our children safe from you and your dangerous ideas whether you like it or not. You will not stop us there.

Jones said, “If the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it.”

If blue State Legislators obstruct us, we will override them and drag them into a higher court.

Jones said, “If the Supreme Court objects, we will expand it and we will not rest until we have taken ‘weapons of war’ out of circulation in our communities.”

Real Americans will not rest until we vote you dangerous Democrats out of Congress and prevent you from creating policies that get innocent children slaughtered. And we will not rest until the World knows that your mission is not to save lives but rather to gain political control. We will not rest until everyone understands that your anti-gun rhetoric is created to scare people who don’t know any better into reluctantly voting you tyrants into office.

Jones said, “Each and every day we will do whatever it takes to end ‘gun-violence.’ Whatever it takes.”

Each and every day we will do whatever it takes to teach America about the benefits of firearms for the preservation of life and we will explain to them just how dangerous you gun grabbers are to the safety of American citizens when you violate their God-given right to self-defense. And We will show the World how Democrats in America are hell-bent on creating a victim/predator society for their own political benefit. Whatever it takes.

Jones said, “What we will do is not fail the children of this country the way that you have failed us. The generations of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland and Uvalde.”

What we will do is not fail the children of this country the way that you have failed them. The generations of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Parkland and Uvalde will know that the reason their friends died was because you Democrats kept them in a perpetual state of vulnerability by refusing to implement armed security while protecting the criminals, in an attempt to advance yourselves politically and line your pockets with blood money.

Real Americans have had enough of you left-wing ideologues putting our innocent children at risk to push your political agenda. It stops now.

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The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
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Author – Good Gun Bad Guy
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