Attempted Robbery Gone Wrong Proves Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

A closed-circuit video from 2019 has been making the rounds on social media recently. The video shows a man stopping his car, getting out, and approaching a woman who promptly shoots him. Although this is not a new video, and also not quite what it seems, it still demonstrates how women’s rights are strengthened by gun rights.

Footage Demonstrates That Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

The incident occurred in March of 2019, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In the video, a car enters the security footage and stops, just as a young woman walks down the street. Immediately after stopping, a man exits the vehicle and approaches the woman, reaching out for her. It is hard to tell from the video whether he is reaching for her or her purse. However, it is clear that his intentions are nefarious in nature.

Unfortunately for the would-be robber/abductor, the woman he targeted was carrying a concealed pistol. As he approaches, the woman backs up, draws her pistol, and shoots center of mass—immediately dropping the assailant. As luck would have it, he picked an off-duty Military Police officer.

There are not many details about the video, other than the video itself. However, it has been making rounds on social media, sparking new conversations, including in a recent Reddit thread:

Gun rights are women’s rights. Change my view from Firearms

According to a report at the time, from the Daily Mail, “The Military Police agent, whose name has not been released, was walking by herself Sunday shortly before midnight in Butanta, a district in the city of Sao Paulo, when she encountered a heavy-set suspect.”

As stated in the Daily Mail article, the shot proved fatal, and the 40-year-old assailant died at the scene.

A report from Amazonas1 states, “The case was registered as an attempted robbery followed by resistance and death resulting from police intervention. The Department of Homicide and Protection of Persons will initiate an investigation to determine the occurrence.”


Although the woman in the video was an off-duty officer, the assailant had no way of knowing that. What is important, however, is that she was armed and ready to use her firearm in defense of her life. Had this been an unarmed civilian, the video would have been tragically different.

A typical Democrat argument for anti-gun policies is that the number of lives saved by firearms is negligible. However, videos like this continue to prove otherwise. While I could argue that gun rights are human rights overall, they are most certainly women’s rights.

The people who shout the loudest, “if it saves just one life,” while stripping our rights away, sure don’t seem to feel that way about self-defense.

We are currently facing a crime epidemic in this country. Anti-police sentiment coupled with soft on crime policies has emboldened criminals. For this reason, many are turning away from the anti-gun policies of the Democrat party and purchasing firearms for the first time. Many of those people are women who realize their safety is at risk and are taking personal responsibility.

Videos like this only prove that guns save lives, regardless of what anti-gun elites want us to believe. While we pay for their armed security, we cannot let them take away our ability to arm ourselves and enjoy the same level of protection we provide them through our tax dollars.

An armed society is a polite society.

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