Gun Control Fails, Biden Wants More

U.S.A. –-( President Joe Biden is confused again. Biden was in Buffalo, New York, exploiting murder by a mentally deranged man before his victims had even been buried. The president took the opportunity to call for a so-called federal “assault weapons” ban and outlaw magazines holding more than ten rounds.

This proposed ban is the same type of ban that Bill Clinton passed when he was in office. It did not make us safer. Even the FBI admits that the previous assault weapons ban didn’t work. So why is Biden calling for laws that do not work?

New York has the SAFE Act, and under that law, so-called “assault weapons” are already banned, along with standard capacity magazines. Those laws didn’t stop a madman from killing ten people.

New York gun laws did make sure those victims didn’t have the tools to fight back. How many lives would have been saved if someone in the store had the means to defend themselves?

The killer was also involuntarily committed to a mental hospital for an evaluation but was released only after a day and a half. This time in a mental ward didn’t trigger New York’s “red flag” gun confiscation law because extreme risk protection orders do not work. All they do is violate the gun owner’s Constitutional rights.

The killer was also able to pass a background check. That law didn’t stop him from getting a gun. Background checks are highly ineffective and only serve to inconvenience law-abiding citizens when they choose to practice their God-given right to bear arms.

Background checks didn’t work. Assault weapon bans didn’t work, and “red flag” gun confiscation laws didn’t work. Law-abiding citizens obey laws; murders do not.

What we saw happen in Buffalo wasn’t due to a lack of gun laws. It was gun laws making the entire state of New York a soft target for someone seeking to do evil.

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