Escape a Wreck Quickly with These Emergency Rescue Tools for Your Car

You may be surprised to learn that there are approximately 17,000 car accidents a day in the United States. Not per year. Per day. Granted not all of these accidents are fatal or catastrophic. However, a surprising amount are. And statistics show that 1 in 3 results in a non-fatal personal injury. For this reason, equipping your car with emergency rescue tools, for just such an occasion, can help mitigate personal damage.

Prepare Your Car for an Emergency with These Rescue Tools

Although the statistics above are slightly overwhelming, if you are a safe and alert driver you can avoid most accidents. However, it only takes once to change everything. You take personal care to arm yourself for self-defense, why not go the extra length to prepare your vehicle? It doesn’t take much, and many of the safety tools below are even fairly inexpensive.

Benchmade SOCP 179GRY

Benchmade SOCP 179GRY.

Although it is not a new product, it is still very viable. The SOCP tool from Benchmade is very simple in its approach to car safety. Its skeletonized body includes both a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter in one simple tool. Not to mention, it also doubles as a less than lethal self-defense tool, in a pinch. With its slim form, you can slip this just about anywhere in your vehicle for quick access.

MSRP: $100.00

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CRKT ExiTool

Emergency Rescue Tools for Car: CRKT ExiTool.

The CRKT ExiTool is actually quite ingenious in its design. Another very simple car emergency escape tool, the ExiTool features a car window breaker and seatbelt cutter. However, where it gets really cool is in its placement within the vehicle. The ExiTool opens like a clamshell and then clamps around the seatbelt. So, in the event of an accident, it’s already on the seatbelt, where you need it most. Very clever.

MSRP: $15.00

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resqme resqhammer

resqme resqhammer.

The resqhammer from resqme is another straightforward design with a glass hammer and seatbelt cutter in one. Unlike other escape hammers, the resqhammer has an ergonomic shape and knuckle guard. As a result, you can protect your knuckles as you work to escape your vehicle.

In addition, it comes with a mounting bracket, so you can mount it wherever is most accessible to you. For example, mount it on your dash, console, or ceiling for quick access.

MSRP: $9.95

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Luxtude Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

Emergency Rescue Tools for Car: Luxtude Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter.

Another simple and inexpensive tool is the Luxtude Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter. Featuring a simple escape hammer design, the Luxtude also includes a seatbelt cutter in the handle. It utilizes a simple hammer design, so there’s no real learning curve. Likewise, it includes a high carbon steel hammerhead for long-lasting use.

The Luxtude comes with a mounting bracket and screws, so you can place it in the most accessible spot in your vehicle. Additionally, the highly visible colors and reflective strips make it easy to spot under duress.

MSRP: $9.99 (2 pack)

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Ztylus Stinger USB Emergency Tool

Ztylus Stinger USB Emergency Tool.

The Ztylus Stinger USB Emergency Tool is a little more on the fancy side of simple. It only has a couple of functions, but they are functional. Along with a sharp seatbelt cutter, the tool features a spring-loaded window breaker. Simply press the tool against the window and the window breaker launches, breaking the window quickly.

An added feature is the USB charging ports, which help keep your phone charged in the event of an emergency. Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter for pass-through charging. However, more important than charging a phone, this keeps the tool handy and quickly accessible.

MSRP: $19.99

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LUXON 7-in-1 Car Safety Multi Tool

Emergency Rescue Tools for Car: LUXON 7-in-1 Car Safety Multi Tool.

The Luxon 7-in-1 Car Safety Multi tool is where things start getting a little more robust. This tool has everything you need to get out of the vehicle and signal for help. As well as other useful additions. Like the other tools, the Luxon features a safety hammer and seatbelt cutter, for escaping the vehicle.

However, in addition, it features an LED flashlight for low light accident scenes. Likewise, it has a high visibility red flashing light that lets passersby know that you are in need of assistance. Additionally, four high-power magnets allow you to attach the Luxon to your vehicle for hands-free lighting or emergency signaling.

To ensure that your phone is properly charged to call for help, the Luxon also features a USB charging port. Likewise, preventing a loss of power when you need it most, the Luxon can be charged via a hand-cranking charging system.

MSRP: $34.99

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resqme alertme Drowsy Driver Device

resqme alertme Drowsy Driver Device.

Granted, this isn’t as much an emergency tool as an emergency avoidance tool. Driving drowsy is a surefire way to get into an accident. For this reason, resqme offers the alertme Drowsy Driver Device. The device fits around the ear like a hearing aid and emits a 90-decibel sound when it senses the driver’s head nodding. It is equivalent to a police whistle and will keep you awake on long drives.

MSRP: $9.95

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First Secure Roadside Emergency Kit

First Secure Roadside Emergency Kit.

Not all emergencies are due to an accident. Some are just roadside issues, like a flat tire, that happen in a remote area. For this reason, it is always a good idea to keep a roadside emergency kit along with your rescue tools in your car, like the one from First Secure.

The kit includes necessities to get you back on the road quickly. In the event of a tire puncture, the tire plug kit allows you to fill the hole until you can get it somewhere for repair. However, if the tire lost too much air, the emergency air compressor will help get you back on the road.

If the problem runs deeper and you need a tow, the kit includes an 11.8-foot tow rope, capable of towing 10,000 pounds. Likewise, a set of jumper cables ensure that you are ready for a jump if your battery dies. A reflective triangle helps signal passing cars that you are there and in need of assistance. At the very least, they keep other cars from hitting you and causing a bigger problem.

Additional items include a medical kit, gloves, bungee cords, an LED headlamp, and a small emergency tool with a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker.

MSRP:  $109.00

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