DutyKote, A New Refinement Of Firearms Coating

DutyKote, A New Refinement Of Firearms Coating Photo courtesy of Matthew Komar.

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- I recently got word through the grapevine that there was a new competitor in the world of firearms coatings.  The new product is called DutyKote and aims to rectify many of the perceived negatives of Cerakote and similar coatings.  How does DutyKote’s Monster Tough line look to manage this feat?  Read on.

DutyKote differs from Cerakote in a few ways.  Here are the highlights:

  • Air cure, no oven needed.
  • Single product, no mixing two products.
  • Less coverage needed.  Monster Tough products should be applied between .4 mils and 1 mil thick, compared to 2-3 mils thick for Cerakote.
  • Less waste.  Unused DutyKote can be returned to the container, unlike mixed Cerakote which is wasted.
  • Food Safe.  If you want to eat a fried egg off of your suppressor, DutyKote advertises “Polysilazane cured resin is FDA compliant for food contact surfaces”.
  • “When fully cured, it is UV resistant, significantly more durable, tougher, and more chemical and wear-resistant than heat cure coatings. It will hold up to extreme heat, and will not burn off like other coatings (including as an exterior coating on suppressors).”


DutyKote offers a few different types of firearms coatings; here’s a primer on their different lines.

  • Monster Tough:  The flagship line of paints, available in 32 colors.
  • True Grip:  A thin, clear coating that adds grip when wet, and has a grit added to it for extra dry grip.
  • Super Prime:  An ultra-adhesive primer that can be wiped on.
  • Wet Grip:  Similar to True Grip, but without extra grit added.
  • Starter Kits:  Three kits that come prepackaged with 3x colors, True Grip, Super Prime.  USA, LEO, Military themes available.
Photo courtesy of Matthew Komar.

DutyKote is definitely more expensive than Cerakote.  Cerakote runs about $35/4 oz, while Moster Tough runs $90/4 oz.  Will a thinner application layer and reduced waste from excess mix close the gap?

Before.  Photo courtesy of Dustin Farnsworth.
After.  Photo courtesy of Dustin Farnsworth.

Marketing hype is good and well, but hands-on experience is the ace in the hole.  I’ll be taking the Military Starter Kit over to my local FFL, who is a highly experienced Cerakote applicator, in order to coat some parts and get his comparison.  Stay Tuned!

Thanks to Matthew Komar (of Komar Enterprises and Ghostwriter software for the Ghost Gunner CNC) and Dustin Farnsworth (of Caverns Armory in Carlsbad, NM) who were kind enough to donate a couple pictures for this article.

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