Demand Congress Stop ATF’s Secret Rule Making ~ VIDEO

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Washington, DC – -( Over the past 2 years, the ATF has been speaking out of both sides of their mouths by cracking down on solvent traps while saying that the agency does NOT regulate the devices.
Recently AmmoLand News broke the story about a secret rule change involving 80% suppressors ahead of ATF’s official rule change deadline. These new rules were implemented without any public notifications or comment periods.
The new secret rule makes it almost impossible for anyone to make their own silencer. The ATF denied 850 out of 3000 law-abiding Americans the right to build their own suppressors by rejecting their Form 1 application.
Worse yet, the ATF sent the personal information of those applicants to local ATF field offices to be investigated for crimes!
The rest of the applicants were asked to provide high-resolution pictures to ATF before their Form 1 Application could be approved.
AmmoLand News then urged Congress to get involved in bringing the Biden admins’ out-of-control government bureaucracy under control. Now some members of Congress are stepping up to the plate.
A letter has now been sent to the ATF from the Senate. 20 Senators signed a letter to the ATF demanding the agency stop making rules in secret surrounding Form 1 suppressors & force reset triggers.
A 2nd letter is going out from Republican House Judiciary Committee Members Rep. Andy Biggs & Ranking Member Rep. Jim Jordan… to the ATF and DOJ telling them to stop abusing their power.
Several gun rights organizations have helped Congress draft the letters, including Gun Owners of America, the American Suppressor Association, and the Firearms Regulatory Accountability Coalition.
The American Suppressor Association is asking you to take action & demand Congress tell the ATF to abide by its previous determinations and not revoke any issued tax stamps.
The American Suppressor Association wants gun-owning Americans to let Congress know that the only way to fix the issue with these hearing-saving devices is to pass the Hearing Protection Act. The HPA would remove suppressors from the National Firearms Act. Find those action links in our in-depth article linked in the description below.
The gun grabbers want American gun laws to look more like the laws in the UK. Let’s give them this win…. Silencers are purchased over the counter in most parts of Europe. In fact, shooting without a suppressor in many European countries is considered rude.
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