CRYPTOPEW NFT Launches, Mint by Shooting Real Guns

Los Angeles, CA — Crypto wunderkind NOTATF launches his NFT project CRYPTOPEW bridging together firearms with the metaverse.


When asked about his inspiration for creating 6,900 randomly generated pixel art of firearms and accessories, NOTATF said “People are looking for beautiful digital art right now. I find firearms to be beautiful. This is definitely not a cash-grab project.”

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Proof Of Shooting (POS)

CRYPTOPEW is the first NFT project to mint by harnessing the soundwaves generated by real gunshots with a new patented Proof-of-Shooting (POS) algorithm.


It aims to create a world-wide mesh network of audio-mining hotspots to power a yet-to-be-determined IOT metaverse capacitor.

Minted NFTs will use the AR-762 standard and run on the Binance Smart Chain with integration via Metamask and PancakeSwap.

PSA AK74 Ammo Pile

When asked why he chose proof-of-shooting mining, NOTATF replied, “I didn’t want to pollute the environment by using dirty energy to solve useless equations. And that’s why it takes the equivalent of 1000 rounds of 5.56 to mint one CRYPTOPEW NFT.”

The Art

NOTATF worked tirelessly with famous NFT artists to create a series of base firearm image that could be randomly mixed with optics and accessories.

Each is unique and some are more rare than others.

“It’s art that you can proudly show as your Twitter profile,” commented NOTATF, “it forces the world to acknowledge you because you have a pixelated not-Hi-Point with an oversized scope.”

Features & Utility

If there’s one thing wrong with guns, it’s fungibility,” continued NOTATF, “so making it non-fungible was definitely the way to go.”

CRYPTOPEW also uses new anti-copy-paste technology to stop NFT usurpers in their path. Upon copying, the blockchain zeroes in on the would-be-pirate, takes over their computer, and displays the Navy SEAL copypasta.

Gorilla Warfare Time

NFT members will also have exclusive access to a yet-to-be-created “Armory” where they can look at their jpegs and nothing else.

The Armory


“We believe in fair distribution and that bonding curves are a Ponzi scheme. And we’re definitely not a Ponzi scheme preying on young people YOLO-ing into the only possibility of a retirement,” said NOTATF.

CRYPTOPEW costs .09 ETH each with no price tiers. Resell royalties are set at 38% for proper remuneration for the founders.

Estimates of growth are a conservative increase of 1000% in a 1-day period.


Get on the list right here (Google Forms).


The Team

This project was created by 3 friends who love guns and NFTs.

NOTATF: Mastermind, HK fanboy, TikTok investor, landlord.

IGUANA45: Graphics card collector, unironic Hi-Point lover, bearded.

BIGBOYTOYS69: Will Smith slap memer, speeds up shooting videos 15%, prohibited person.

Mira Hazmat Suit & CM-6M

Disclaimer: This is a satire/parody post, which may or may not use actual names in quasi-real and/or fictitious narration. So try not to get too butt-hurt about it.

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