California Has a New Attraction, Crime Tourism, And It’s Growing Fast

We’ve all seen the tourism videos coming out of California, the ones where they show the beaches and beautiful people. However, they don’t show any of the homelessness, poop in the streets, random attacks, out-of-control shoplifting, etc. But there is also a new attraction that probably won’t make it into the California tourism videos, crime tourism.

Crime Tourism Is the New Attraction in California

As it turns out when entering our country is a simple, non-committal process, crime follows. Who knew? Of course, that is a rhetorical question, we all knew. Unfortunately, there are people who just have to learn the hard way. California is learning just such a lesson now, due to its advocacy for open borders and easy entry.

As it turns out, California is now experiencing a surge of crime tourism from South American crews. Specifically, Ventura County Sheriff’s states that most of the “tourist burglary crews” are from Chile. The crews are entering California via easily obtained tourist visas online.

An ABC 7 News report states, “They’re able to easily obtain tourist visas to travel to California by applying online. Once they have a visa they land at LAX and start their crime spree.”

The report goes on to state, “According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, last year alone, they handled 100 cases involving crews from South America.”

Targeting the Wealthy

According to CBS 5 San Francisco, “Many of the sophisticated burglary crews are coming from South America for ‘criminal tourism’ and they are targeting wealthy communities, according to a community alert sent Sunday.”

Although I do not advocate for anyone to be a target of a crime, at least this time it’s not the poor and middle class. Every day we have to listen to rich celebrities advocate for policies that cause this kind of lawlessness. And then they sit in their gated communities, oblivious to the wreckage they are causing. Now that the affluent and elite are experiencing the effects of their policies, they may begin to advocate against them.

Ventura Sheriff Commander Erik Buschow told ABC 7, “They target homes that back up to golf courses and open space. And they’ll literally stand in the bushes and watch and when people leave, sometimes it’s a two-hour window, they’ll go out to dinner or something like that – they’ll go in and pounce.”

The Price of Progress?

I’m all for progress when it comes to science, technology, medicine, etc. But can we just agree that many of the progressive ideas of today are a complete failure? Nothing good is coming from any of their ideas. Defunding the police is an unmitigated disaster. Open borders—I think we all see where that is going. Gun control is also a total failure. Even anti-gun Democrats are trying to distance themselves from gun control, heading into the midterms.

Not all progress is good. While it may not be a bad thing to try new ideas, it is definitely bad to ignore the results and trudge on with bad ideas. It’s time to stop the madness. The lives of innocent American citizens are being negatively affected.

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