Chicago Security Guard Kills Grandmother While Shooting Recklessly

What kind of dystopian hellscape is Chicago becoming when even the security guards are reckless thugs? As Democrats push for more gun control, stories like this come out of gun-controlled Chicago daily. When a stray round from a Chicago security guard hits and kills a grandmother blocks away, something is amiss with the narrative.


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Stray Bullet from a Chicago Security Guard Hits and Kills Grandmother

Following an argument the prior evening, a man called “Renegade” returned to resume the fracas. According to a witness and security footage, security guard Victor Brown became belligerent during the second altercation. As a result, Renegade—hands in pockets—shot Brown in the foot, through his coat pocket, and ran.

According to a report on CBS Chicago, “Prosecutors said another security guard at the shop, who had a concealed carry license and a valid FOID card, pulled out his gun and aimed at the shooter, but didn’t fire his weapon because there were too many bystanders around, and the gunman was too far away. However, after Brown fell to the ground, he first pulled out a starter pistol that contained only blanks, and fired in the gunman’s direction, according to prosecutors.”

They go on to say, “Police and prosecutors said Brown then grabbed the other security guard’s gun, sat up, and fired a total of 20 shots at the gunman while he was more than a block away on a busy street. The nurse who witnessed the shooting told police she screamed at Brown to stop shooting.”

Did you catch it? The security guard with a CCL and FOID card, and required training, didn’t shoot, due to bystanders. However, the security guard without the CCL, FOID card or training had no problem stealing the first guard’s gun and recklessly shooting towards civilians.

I’m not even going to try and speculate why Brown was carrying a starter pistol. Thugs gonna thug, I guess.

The Surprise That Keeps on Not Surprising

Why didn’t the security guard have a CCL or FOID card? It probably has something to do with this, from the CBS Chicago report:“Brown has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2005, involving armed robbery and domestic battery. Prosecutors said he also is wanted on arrest warrants in Madison County for speeding and driving on a suspended license, is facing three open speeding cases in DuPage County, and served five years in prison after pleading guilty to armed robbery charges in 2010.”

The security company owner ran a background check on Brown but didn’t know about his record. According to the report, Brown had standard 20- and 40-hour security training certificates. However, CBS Chicago states that they have learned that Brown barely had any training as a security guard.

So, the question remains, if the security company ran a background check, why wouldn’t Brown’s record come up? It is quite the record, including prison time for armed robbery. Why would Chicago keep that information from a security company trying to vet a potential new employee?

Unintended Tragedy

Of course, we already know, the first security guard, who refused to shoot towards bystanders, was right. Brown’s reckless actions had dire consequences for an innocent mother and grandmother. As Bobbye Johnson stepped out of Chase Bank four blocks away, an errant round struck her in the chest. She was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Although there is a lot to unpackage here, this is just another example of the failure of gun control. True gun control is taught in a certified classroom, where people learn trigger discipline and self-control.

The first security guard is the perfect example of that. He knew his target and what was beyond it, preventing him from shooting. The thug, who should have never been in that position, decided that vengeance was more important than innocent lives.

There is a reason that violent crime is becoming such an epidemic in Democrat-run cities. When you prevent law-abiding citizens from owning firearms, they become the playthings of thugs. Not to mention, you embolden criminals when you coddle them. However, when you arm law-abiding citizens and have consequences for criminal activity, people are a lot more polite.
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