CAA Set to Release the Gen 3 MCK Pistol Conversion Kit for Glock Models

The ability to add a stabilizing stock to a pistol adds a whole other level of control. However, the ability to completely convert your pistol is a game-changer. The CAA Gen 3 Micro Conversion Kit (MCK) is about to change the way you shoot your Glock. This not only changes range day but home defense as well.

The CAA Gen 3 MCK for Glock

Following on the heels of its previous Micro Conversion Kits for other pistols, CAA addresses user concerns with the Gen 3. Well, concerns might not be accurate, they were more “wish list” items, but they changed the MCK for the better.

The most significant change is the ability to place your pistol into the chassis with your own RMR optic installed. As a result, users can stick with the optic platform they are accustomed to, without the need to re-zero. However, if you do not have an optic installed, the Gen 3 provides 2 removable Picatinny rails for the addition of an optic of your choice.

Perhaps one of the more practical additions is the “Car Wash System” to keep your pistol slide clean. Previous versions of the conversion kit required regular cleaning due to fouling of the slide from carbon buildup. However, the new internal system features a brush/bristle system that removes the carbon buildup, keeping the slide clean as it cycles. In addition, the system does not damage the slide’s finish.

An available rear Glock backplate adaptor allows for the addition of an external charging handle. As a result, users will no longer need to rely on the slide serrations. For true ambidextrous functionality, you can place the handle on either the right or left side.

Likewise, the folding stock can be folded to either the right- or left side of the pistol. Correspondingly, the pistol can still fire, even with the stock still folded. Additionally, the stock can be raised for use with rail-mounted optics or lowered for use with pistol-mounted RMR.

The Gen 3 is compatible with the Glock 17/19/19x/20/21/22/23/25/31/32/45. However, it is not compatible with Gen 1 or 2 Glock models due to the lack of forward Glock universal accessory rail.


The CAA Gen 3 MCK for Glock will be available soon, with an MSRP of $349.00 – $539.00, depending on options. For more info, please visit

The CAA Gen 3 MCK.

CAA Gen 3 MCK for Glock Features

  • For the first time, a shooter utilizing a Micro Red Dot/RMR on his slide can insert into the MCK Gen 3 Chassis
  • Not only does the Slide mounted optic fit into the MCK, but the user can also aim with their zeroed RMR while using the MCK Gen3. Thus, saving the need for a top rail-mounted red dot sight
  • The MCK Gen 3 stabilizer/ stock has 2 height options. In the lower position when shooting with RMR/slide mounted optic or in the upper position when using any type of red dot/optic on the top picatinny rail
  • Comes with a new ambidextrous stabilizer/stock option allowing for right and or left side folding
  • Featuring a new charging handle system that uses a backplate adaptor, negating the need for relying on the slide serrations to cycle the handgun
  • With a built-in handgun cleaning system, utilizing a brush/bristle system The robust bristles clean the front of the slide during cycling. Carbon buildup on the slide is no longer an issue. All while not affecting the finish of the slide
  • A new front adaptor shields the inside of the MCK from any carbon buildup and is easily removed and washed. Making the cleaning of the MCK easier than ever before. Simply remove and rinse
  • Removeable rear and front top picatinny rails
  • Features an improved spare magazine holder that operates with a mag catch and magazine release button
  • The MCK Gen 3 can be fired while the stabilizer/stock is in the folded and locked position, allowing for quicker response time
  • MSRP: $349 – $539.00 depending on options

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