Is Biden’s ATF “Rogue” Gun Dealer Claim Just Made Up? ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. -( I’m Charlie Cook and welcome to another Ammoland News Second Amendment Update.

Joe Biden has declared war on the American gun dealer.

Biden claims these “rogue dealers” willfully transfer firearms to prohibited persons, fail to conduct background checks, falsify records, or just refuse to cooperate with ATF.

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project wanted to know how many of these “rogue dealers” actually existed in America, so they filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

And if this “rogue dealer” story WAS true, they also wanted to know how many gun shops have been charged or had been prosecuted for refusing to cooperate with ATF.

…..4 months passed before the ATF would even acknowledge.. that they received the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA request…. and still provided no final response.

For the next few months, SAF repeatedly called the ATF’s information office but couldn’t even get anyone to pick up the phone.

That was until last month when they finally got through to a real person, Information Officer Zina Kornegay. She said there was some back & forth on the best way to handle the FOIA request-response, and she would look into it, and call SAF back with an answer. Another delay!!

Now …another month.. has passed, and we continue to wait on ATF’s return call. But SAF still is NOT giving up. The Journalism Project is filing a new and 2ND FOIA request to get all communications surrounding the ATF’s non-response to their…. 1st FOIA request!

Could it be that Joe Biden’s “rouge dealers” don’t exist?

Or is it that the ATF has a different definition of “rogue dealers?” …..AmmoLand has multiple news reports showing ATF was targeting FFLs for revocations over minor paperwork errors.

A mistake as simple as forgetting to send a “multiple-handgun sales form” would mean that the FFL could lose their livelihood…. Are these the “rouge dealers” that Joe Biden is talking about? Or did he just make up the “rogue” narrative to justify his push for oppressive gun control?

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