5 Bedside Gunsafes for 2022 Provide Fast Access to Your Home Defense

The last thing anyone wants to hear in the middle of the night is glass breaking or a door being kicked in. But it is an unfortunate reality for many, with surprising regularity. However, it doesn’t have to end badly for you and your family. Keeping your firearm close at hand, coupled with your knowledge of your home’s layout gives you the advantage. The layout is up to you but these 5 bedside gunsafes serve up your pistol in a hurry.

5 Bedside Gunsafes

Proper storage of your firearm is not only important for safety reasons, but some states require it. However, the proper safe can make the difference between quick access in an emergency or a delay in your protection. We selected 5 safes that provide a nice mix of secure storage and fast access when you need it most.

SnapSafe GlideVault

SnapSafe GlideVault Bedside Gunsafes.

Constructed of 16-gauge steel with a pry-resistant door, the SnapSafe GlideVault will ensure there is no unauthorized access. Likewise, pre-drilled holes allow you to permanently mount the GlideVault to prevent theft of the whole safe. You can also use the five-foot cable if you don’t want to permanently mount it.

Powered by four AAA batteries, the GlideVault provides access via a user-programmable four- to six-digit code. However, in the event of low battery power, a barrel key circumvents the need for power. Similarly, a micro-USB port also provides backup access.


  • Tempered glass touchpad (programmable 4-6 digit access code) with silent mode
  • Spring-assisted slide-out drawer for handguns, jewelry, and other valuables
  • The pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from gaining access
  • Exterior housing constructed of 16-gauge steel
  • The vault door features two internal hardened locking lugs
  • Anchor to stationery objects with an included 5-foot cable
  • Permanently install using the pre-drilled holes
  • Battery-powered for mounting anywhere
  • Barrel key or micro-USB port backup access
  • Padded drawer liner protects valuables

MSRP: $291.99

For more information, please visit SnapSafe.com.

Hornady RAPiD Safe Keypad Vault

Hornady RAPiD Safe Keypad Vault.

The tamper-proof RAPiD Safe Keypad Vault features 14-gauge steel construction and internal locking lugs. As a result, the safe exceeds the rigorous industry standards for safe firearm storage. Pre-drilled mounting holes provide a permanent mounting solution, preventing theft of the safe itself.

The Keypad Vault is completely battery-operated and can be accessed in three different ways. First, is the RAPiD Safe RFID tag that opens the safe when passed over the sensor. The second is a user-programmable four- to six-digit push button code. Finally, in the event of low batteries, a mechanical key provides instant access.


  • Excellent starter unit to RAPiD® Safe technology
  • Fast, dependable touch-free entry to handguns and valuables
  • Heavy-duty tamper-proof steel construction
  • Three entry methods: Patented RFID reader, access code, mechanical key
  • Pre-drilled for permanent mounting
  • Ideal for use in drawers

MSRP: $148.99

For more information, please visit Hornady.com.

Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard

Hornady RAPiD Safe Night Guard Bedside Gunsafes.

The RAPiD Safe Night Guard features an innocuous digital clock face that blends into any decor. In addition, the tamper-proof construction and design ensure that there is no unauthorized access. An included 1,500-pound-rated security cable keeps the Night Guard tethered to a stationary object, ensuring that thieves cannot walk away with it.

The night guard is powered via standard AC power and includes USB charging ports on the back for charging your devices. Like all safes in the RAPiD Safe line, the Night Guard features three methods of access. First, is an RFID tag, that can also be programmed to work on any other RAPiD Safe. Second, a user-programmable access code that is entered on a digital front panel keypad. Finally, in the event of a power failure, a mechanical key allows access.


  • Fast and Dependable Touch-Free Entry
  • Discreet Display Panel and Spring-Assist Drawer
  • USB Ports
  • Heavy-Duty, Tamper-Proof Construction
  • Three Entry Methods
  • AC Power with battery backup
  • Easy To Install

MSRP: $323.99

For more information, please visit Hornady.com.

VARA Safety Reach 2S

VARA Safety Reach 2S.

The Vara Safety Reach 2S features a simple, slim design that provides access to your pistol in .2 seconds. A solid security mount mounts to any solid surface next to your bedside and can withstand 350-pounds of force. The Reach 2S works with over 150 different handguns with its interchangeable holster inserts.

Featuring a 6-month rechargeable battery life ensures that you don’t have to worry about it often. However, the included charging cable lets you top off the charge whenever you feel the time is right. Utilizing biometric access, the Reach 2S can store up to 20 different authorized fingerprints. However, in the event of low battery, mechanical keys provide backup access.


  • Fastest gun safe ever (unlocks in 0.2 secs)
  • Stores up to 20 fingerprints
  • 6-month rechargeable battery life
  • Withstands over 350lbs of force
  • Mechanical key override

MSRP: $299.00

For more information, please visit VaraSafety.com.

Vaultek Slider Series Wi-Fi

Vaultek Slider Series Wi-Fi Bedside Gunsafes.

Constructed of 16-gauge steel with a durable powder-coat finish, the Slider Wi-Fi prevents unauthorized access. The included mounting plate provides for mounting of the safe to the side of any solid object or piece of furniture. Offering additional security is the Wi-Fi connection that allows you to monitor the safe from your mobile phone or online portal. As a result, you are notified if unauthorized access is attempted.

Operating on a rechargeable battery, the Slider Wi-Fi has three- to four-month operation using low power mode. However, the included charging kit allows recharging whenever you feel it is necessary.

The Slider is accessed in four different ways. First is the biometric scanner with the ability to store up to 20 different authorized fingerprints. The second is a user-programmable four- to eight-digit access code. Third, is an available Nano Key that you can keep with you or mount under a table and instantly opens the safe when pushed. Finally, in the event of low battery, 2 machined mechanical keys provide access.


  • Biometric scanner
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Machined mechanical keys (2)
  • Nano key provides single press operation
  • Secure mounting
  • Monitor from anywhere via phone app or online
  • Durable powder-coat finish

MSRP: $359.99

For more information, please visit VaultekSafe.com.

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