At the Ready – Season 1

Welcome to the first season of AT THE READY, the women’s self-defense series that goes beyond everyday carry (EDC).

At the Ready is a dynamic, educational and entertaining series that explores the many ways women can take self-protection into their own hands.

Hosted by firearms instructor and expert Tatiana Whitlock, each of the four episodes focuses on a different topic of women’s self-defense, including everyday carry (EDC), go bags, holster options, safe gun storage, home defense, other self-defense tools, and much more.

Whether you’re just beginning your EDC journey or a seasoned female shooter, this series will ensure you’re always At The Ready.

Episode 1: Beginning the Journey

Tatiana meets with Kendl Wong, a new shooter interested in the concealed-carry lifestyle. Tatiana breaks down what features to look for when choosing a gun, including size, weight grip, and fit.

Episode 2: EDC Accessories

Tatiana Whitlock and Kendl Wong explore additional skills and tools necessary to complete an Everyday-Carry toolkit. This includes holsters, bags, other firearm accessories, and more.

Episode 3: Concealment and Garments

Dressing for concealment is a big hurdle for women who are new to firearms face. Tatiana Whitlock helps Kendl Wong figure out how to do it confidently, comfortably, and safely.

Episode 4: Home Defense

Tatiana Whitlock discusses how to merge a concealed-carry lifestyle with a home-defense plan. This includes how to store weapons, utilizing other firearm platforms, and more.

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