Anti-Gunners Are No Longer Allowed to Know Who Has a Gun

U.S.A. –-( Heavily armed in America has always been the condition of choice. From the early European Settlers and Native Americans, all the way up to modern-day Citizens, the God-given right to defend one’s life has always been recognized in the USA. Well, except for the few in the minority who believe that Americans should be unarmed, helpless, and dependent on Government.

Concealed-carry was initially thought to be “dishonorable” and the behavior of bad guys. It started to be banned in the early 1800s. Kentucky and Louisiana were the first States to ban concealed carry in 1813. By the mid 20th century most States had outlawed the concealed carry of weapons altogether, but this seemed to go against the natural inclination of gun owners across the Country. As it relates to the 2nd Amendment, many gun owners believe that it’s nobody else’s business whether they have a gun on them or not. Concealed-carry is now considered to be safe and sound. This is often the thought process of those who do not want to be the target of an attack due to the visibility of a firearm on their person. Of course, there is still some debate among gun owners as to which (concealed or open) is better from a defensive perspective. Given the many possible defensive scenarios, neither side is wrong.

In what may appear to have been an attempt to protect criminals when they attack while deterring law-abiding gun owners from carrying in public, former President Obama was quoted in an April 2nd, 2008 article saying, “I am not in favor of concealed weapons. I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.”

Not long after Obama’s attempt to demonize concealed carry, Ohio issued 56,691 new concealed weapon permits in 2009, a 67% increase from the 33,864 licenses issued in 2008. It’s ironic how anti-gun politicians create the exact opposite effect they seek by simply revealing their true intentions.

As the decades went on and more anti-gunners demanded the abolishment of concealed carry, the number of concealed-carry permits rose dramatically.

When will they learn that the more they try to violate the rights of their fellow citizens, the more their fellow citizens derail their efforts?

The small yet vocal minority group of anti-gun folks continued to become more irrational and emotionally reactive at the mere sight of a gun as time went by. The media had a lot to do with this as they perpetuated their anti-gun fear campaign in the hopes of turning America against firearms. Some may argue that concealed carry was enacted to protect the fragile feelings of a few while avoiding unjustified attacks on lawful gun owners. As the media-manufactured fear and anger in the hearts of the anti-gun crowd, the hateful group started to implement things like SWATing and Red Flag Laws. These were found to be tactics of the anti-gun crowd for the purpose of punishing their lawful gun-owning neighbors.

We now seem to be at a point in our society where the anti-gunners have positioned themselves to be untrustworthy; leaving gun owners no choice but to refuse them the ability to know who is carrying a gun in public. Like the way a parent may prevent a child from knowing they are about to go to the dentist in order to avoid emotional outbursts, Americans have decided that it’s best to prevent anti-gunners from knowing who has guns on them in public. The ironic thing is that anti-gunners are now often within inches of a firearm in public, and they have no idea.

Although the anti-2nd Amendment folks seem to be doing everything they can to ban the carrying of guns in public, real Americans, are moving in the opposite direction. Therefore, we are seeing a rapidly increasing push for what we call Constitutional Carry. As of the date I write this, constitutional carry has been enacted by 23 States. We are reaching a tipping point where the majority of America supports the unrestricted carrying of a gun in public and ending the requirement of a government-issued permission slip to do so. Keep pushing, Anti-Gunners. You only make us stronger.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.

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