Anti-Gun Activist Stunt Backfires! Drives 2000+ ‘Murders’ to Local Gun Show VIDEO

Concord, New Hampshire – -( The New Hampshire Arms Collectors Club held their first public gun show in two years at the Everett Arena in Concord, New Hampshire this past Saturday.

It was a one-day, 200-table gun show. Set up was on Friday. The public was invited to come to the show Saturday from 9-5. On Thursday members of the club put up highway signs advertising the gun show.

That Thursday, an anti-gun activist, went around to the signs breaking the law by vandalizing them with red spray paint writing the word “MURDERS” on the signs. This was reported to the police and the story was picked up by WMUR which is the local news station. WMUR ran the story on TV multiple times that Friday, one day before the gun show’s opening day.

2000+ “Murderers”

This gave the gun show thousands of dollars in free publicity. The next day, the line to get in the show in the morning wrapped around the building. Many people attending said they came just to support the club because they were infuriated by the story. Many said it was the news story that made them aware and/or reminded them of the gun show.

There was a record turnout of two thousand attendees! It was an unbelievable financial success for the club.

Unknown Anti-Gun Activist Fails
Unknown Anti-Gun Activist, Image Concord, New Hampshire Police

Pictures appeared on social media of the person who allegedly vandalized the signs. The police are investigating. If you have any information please submit tips to the Concord, New Hampshire Police Department. The club is deciding whether to criminally prosecute whoever did this, or instead, to treat them to dinner.

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