1791 Gunleather Offers Options for the New Springfield Hellcat Pro

Every so often, a pistol comes along that stirs the inner gun lover and has you running for the store. Such is the case with the new Springfield Hellcat Pro. With features perfect for concealed carry, it is quickly rising in popularity. But, as with all new guns, holsters can be an issue. However, the popularity of the Springfield Hellcat Pro has holster makers, like 1791 Gunleather, moving fast to rectify the problem.

1791 Gunleather Springfield Hellcat Pro Pistol Holsters

A popular feature of the Hellcat Pro is the acceptance of a red dot sight via the optics ready slide. For that reason, 1791 offers multiple options for comfortably carrying your Hellcat Pro with an optic attached.

The Optic-Ready BHC (Belt Holster Compact) features an open-top design for quick draw and re-holster. Constructed of heavy native steerhide and reinforced stitching, the Optic-Ready BHC is built to last. The American steel clip is also beveled for the safest retention possible.

For those looking for the retention of Kydex but the comfort of leather, the Ultra Custom BHC or Size 3 are for you. Featuring Memory-Lok technology, the Ultra Custom creates a custom mold to the Springfield Hellcat Pro.

For maximum comfort, the Smooth Concealment Holster Size 3 is the most comfortable, soft, and breathable cowhide holster in the stable. Configured for IWB, the only drawback is that it will collapse when you draw your pistol.

Like the Smooth Concealment, the Fair Chase Size 3 is the most comfortable holster 1791 makes. Constructed of ethically hunted, fair-chase whitetail deer hide, the Fair Chase is configured for IWB. Also, like the Smooth Concealment, this means that it will also collapse after drawing the Hellcat Pro.

Any of 1791’s 2-, 3-, and 4-way holsters will accommodate those carrying the Hellcat Pro without optic.


1791 Gunleather holsters for the Springfield Hellcat Pro are available now, MSRP will vary based on model. For more info, please visit 1791Gunleather.com.

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